Blogger’s Block

I wonder if there’s any such thing as blogger’s block? I know all about writer’s block, I’m thinking blogger’s block is very real, too. I started this blog several months ago with the intention of writing sharp, scintillating posts about my writing life. Up until now, I’ve not posting much at all. 

I write interesting posts on Facebook, or at least my friends seem to think so. “I love to hear those stories about your cats,” they say. But my cats are a part of my personal, day-to-day life, and this blog is meant to be all about my writing life. For some reason, I haven’t been able to generate much enthusiasm for it. Sometimes I don’t have anything interesting to report about my writing. And for another, if I’m honest, I’m afraid of being judged. What if I misspell a word on my writing blog? Or what if use the same word or phrase in close proximity, like I am prone to do in my fiction writing? 

Aren’t writers supposed to write “good” blog posts? After all, many of us, including myself, are published writers, and we hold ourselves to a strict personal accountability. If we are “good” writers, then we expect ourselves to be “good” bloggers.

Proofreading and editing and revising and rewriting a blog post doesn’t sound like fun. I guess I should just do the best I can and not worry about it. So that’s what I’m going to do. 


About joyackley

I am a published writer living in sunny Florida. I share a home with my three spoiled cats. I am mother to two wonderful daughters, and I am grandmother to Sam, Jackson, and Elin.
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2 Responses to Blogger’s Block

  1. Lighten up and just write, Joyce. I’m a writer and author, too, but not a good marketer. I created my blog for writing, also, but it turned out to be about me, the writer, friend, neighbor, wife, and cook. I’d love to hear about your cat. “Write” about your cat. Blessings to you…

    • joyackley says:

      I have 3 cats! I write about them a lot on my FB page, but maybe I should include them in my blog. They are a part of my writing life, keeping me company as I write. I saw on your blog your sweet, pretty boy, Shady.

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