Working at Home

I just posted a picture I pulled off the internet of a freelance writer working at home. Her hair is done, and she’s wearing light make-up. Her aqua top is attractive, her jewelry, eye-catching. There is no clutter in her work space. This woman appears to be writing in her kitchen, yet the counter in the background is pristine. No coffee cups, no cereal boxes or cat food bags, no piles of paper or mail. She MUST be a fiction writer, because the picture doesn’t look real!

If my “writing” picture appeared, it would look something like this: My hair would be mashed-flat on one side if I had not yet “tamed” it with shampoo, conditioner, and gel. My face would be free of make-up. I’d be wearing an over sized, faded Virginia Beach tee shirt with a lighthouse on the front and a pair of hot-pink pajama pants with roses. Now the pajama pants wouldn’t look so bad if I had on the matching hot pink, lace-trimmed top. But it’s in the laundry, so I went for a Boho look and paired the pj pants with the tee shirt.

There would be a ton of “stuff” on the guest bed behind me, for that’s where I keep my stash of stuff for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes I plan to pack this year.

The computer desk I’m working at is a complete disaster. I won’t even go there. The chair I’m sitting in has so much cat hair you could ball it up and make another cat. 

I did go out this morning for a bit of shopping, and I don’t look too bad, actually. So we’ll pretend this is my usual “at home writing attire”. I’m wearing dark jeans, a decent top, and silver hoop earrings. My make-up from earlier today is worn off. But I did spritz on some body spray with a bit of glitter, and I catch a glimmer of it on my arms as I type. Does that qualify for a “glamorous at-home writer?”


About joyackley

I am a published writer living in sunny Florida. I share a home with my three spoiled cats. I am mother to two wonderful daughters, and I am grandmother to Sam, Jackson, and Elin.
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