I am a published writer living in Central Florida. Although I’ve enjoyed some writing successes along the way, I have decided this is the year I’ll get serious about my writing and become more aggressive with submissions. The worst that can happen is a rejection, and I’ve had my share of those!

This blog will chronicle my writing journey, my thoughts about the process, and maybe some soul-baring now and again.


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  2. Your cat’s twin is living in our house in central BC. Happy writing, Joyce.

    • joyackley says:

      The brown tabby on my Facebook page? That’s Cooter Brown. He is something else. I could write a book about Cooter Brown. I love that cat sooooo much!

      • joyackley says:

        Oh, I see. You found the picture of Cooter Brown sitting on my lap! I didn’t realize your comment was posted here until I checked. I have two other cats. Prunella is 16 years old and in poor health. She’s a little slip of a thing, but keeps on going. She is under the care of my wonderful vet. Basil Brian aka Basil Bae is a huge cream tabby. I’m a crazy cat lady!

  3. ginachoward says:

    Hi, Joyce. I must say that although I’ve had people like various posts and my blog in general, I never have had anyone like “about” before. I hope that you stop by again and that one of my posts strikes your fancy. Good luck getting your submissions accepted.

  4. ginachoward says:

    Oh, and thanks for following my blog!

  5. ginachoward says:

    Welcome back, Joyce. I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s post, “Delete. Rewrite.” We writers do a lot of that don’t we?

  6. ginachoward says:

    Hi, Joy. I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s post, “Falling in love again.” I got tired of Janelle for a while, but I’ve been on a roll lately and have passed the half-way point of my first draft. I know where I’m heading and am eager to take the reader there.

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